Things To Know About Getting Motorcycle Insurance

Getting insurance for your motorcycle is just as important as getting insurance for your car or house. The difference with motorcycle insurance compared to home owners insurance and car insurance is it is optional in many states. Homeowners insurance is optional if you own your home outright, but since 92% of people are don’t own their homes outright they are required to get insurance.
Motorcycle-InsuranceThe first thing you need to know about getting insurance for your motorcycle is that more damage is caused to the rider or passengers than is caused to the actual bike itself, so getting just basic coverage is almost a waste. When you are planning on getting insurance for your motorcycle you need to think about everything from the bike, to yourself, your passengers, and even other people’s property. Since motorcycles have less protection that a car you need to think about insuring yourself and passenger before anything else.

2008 Honda CRF450R.

The second thing you need to think about is how much you want to insure your motorcycle for. In my opinion if you have the option to insure your bike choose to only insure 75% of it. The reason I say only 75% of your bike is because the odds of you totaling your bike is very slim, unless you plan to speed and ride reckless. Using the number of 75% is a very fair number to use because this will make sure that the insurance company pays for 75% of everything in the event that you have an accident.
The third thing you need to know about getting insurance for your motorcycle is how to save some money. The first way would be to only insure a certain amount like 75% like I just showed you. There are many ways to save money such as; choosing a higher deductable, paying the full years insurance upfront, using auto pay where the insurance company takes the money out of your bank account automatically each month.

All these ways will work to lower your insurance payment and if possible using all three of them is the best way to save money. Think about it, the national average for motorcycle insurance for one year is only $300, so why not just pay the entire amount and save an average of $30? That is a great saving is you ask me.

The final thing you need to know about getting insurance for your motorcycle is how it will benefit you, and really there isn’t a great way to show you this. I can tell you about a bunch of people who have got in an accident without insurance and who are now filing bankruptcy because they couldn’t pay the lenders back or are getting sued because they couldn’t afford to fix the person property that they crashed into. There are many things I could teach you, but take it from someone who knows, there is nothing worse than knowing that a tiny pebble in the road could turn your whole world upside down just so you could save less than $2 per day.


10 Ways To Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

Like everything in life motorcycle insurance costs too much money. Why do we as motorcycle owners get sucked into paying high costs because we have an exciting hobby?

Motorcycle-Insurance-TShirtI am not about to tell you to stop living just because it is too expensive, I am just going to give you some ways to make it cheaper. I am going to do the exact same thing for you to save on motorcycle insurance because as we all know motorcycle insurance can be more than the bike itself over the span of 5 – 10 years.

Here are 10 ways to save money on motorcycle insurance
Get Price Quotes

Hopefully this was the first thing you did before you got motorcycle insurance, but if not then now is the time. If you want to get the cheapest price for your policy then you need to get as many price quotes as possible. If you don’t know what others are offering at what price then you will never know if you got a good deal of now.

One tip would be to use the cheapest price quote you get and try to talk the second cheapest price quote down to beat the other one. This will often times save you $5-$10 per month, but it is worth it if you own the bike for 10 years.

Higher Deductable

If you have a car then you know this one already. The higher your deductable is the lower your monthly payment will be. The nice part about a high deductable is that motorcycles are normally purchased for under $10,000 so your higher deductable might only be $100-$200, yet that increase could save you 15-30% each month.

Parked Insurance

What exactly is parked insurance? Parked insurance is simply where you insure your bike to be parked for a month of longer. Normally the people who do this are those who live where there is snow and the reason is simple, they can’t ride their bike in the snow. There are others who use parked insurance as well, but they usually only do so if they know for sure they won’t be needing their bike for a month or so.

Take Motorcycle Classes

If you have not taken a motorcycle training course then you need to for two reasons. First off you will be a better and safer rider if you have gone through the appropriate training and second your insurance rates will be cheaper. The reason your rates will be cheaper simply ties into the first reason, you will be a safer rider. Safe riders understand what they are doing and therefore are less risk the those who don’t understand what they are doing.

I know I told you 10 ways to save money on motorcycle insurance and that is exactly what I am going to give you. I want you to take this moment to think about what you just learned and which one of these methods you have not done before you move on to 10 ways to save money on motorcycle insurance part 2.

Why Having Good Motorcycle Insurance Is Necessary

Riding motorcycles are somewhat dangerous, as you might already know. One of the most common sayings for all motorcyclists is, “There are 2 types of riders, those who have been down and those who are going down”. With a saying like that there is now wonder people are wising up and getting motorcycle insurance.

What is good motorcycle insurance?

Good motorcycle insurance covers more than just the bike, it covers the rider, passengers, other vehicles and everything on the bike. The problem with most riders is they just have basic coverage, which isn’t bad, at least they have something.
There are many states that don’t require motorcycle owners to have insurance; it is normally just the lenders that require basic coverage. One thing that most new motorcycle owners don’t know is that some lenders only require the bike to be covered until the amount you owe reaches a certain value of the bikes actual worth.

Save Motorcylce InsuranceWhy is good insurance important?

Having good motorcycle insurance is very important because more times than not, the bikes aren’t the only things that are harmed. Almost every time a bike goes down there is at least one rider to go down with it, so you need to cover more than just the bike.

There are thousands of motorcycle insurance companies out there and some of them only cover the bike, these are decent insurance companies, but they are not the best. The best insurers are the ones who will cover the entire bike, the rider, the people riding pillion, other vehicles and even objects you might hit or damage.

motorcycle_helmetLet me tell you why I am so adamant about having good motorcycle insurance. Six months after I bought my first bike I hit a small pot hole in my home town and the bike slid out of control and hit a side walk and then flipped up and took out the stop sign that was right there. To put this into more perspective I was only going 30 miles per hour and there was still damage done. I only had coverage for my bike and I, not other property and here is where it got expensive.

The city acknowledged the pot hole but said it wasn’t enough to make my bike go out of control the way it did and therefore made me pay for the sidewalk to be repaired and the stop sign to be replaced. Have you ever had to pay for either one of these two items? The price shocked me, I thought I only had to pay a hundred or so dollars, not $600. The reason it was so expensive was because I had to pay for all the materials, the cost of demo for the side walk and the salaries of the men who did the installation of the two.

That is why you need good insurance that will pay for everything, not just the bike. As you can probably guess I don’t ride my bike anymore with just my bike and I covered, I have coverage for everything now.

Orlando Motorcycle Classes

Orlando is close to famous motorcycle riding trails. I-95 is one of the most well known bike travels to be found anywhere. Just an hour away from the Daytona, where bike week occurs, you can bet that there is motorcycle action going on. Below is a catalogue of the different companies offering motorcycle classes for advanced and beginners in and around the Orlando area. We place preference on those that spend the most time making sure they are taking care to provide web visitors the most information about the services, track record, pricing, and other important information. Unfortunately, many motorcycle class providers do not spend enough time making it easy for people looking for courses to get the information they need to feel safe. aim’s to solve this issue and become a national resource for those looking for the best in motorcycle training and education.

dealsgap-Motorcycle-TrailFlorida Safety Council

Florida safety council is not our top pick, but they are one of the larger providers. We tend to give preference to training solutions dedicated to motorcycle’s and trikes only and Florida Safety Council does not fall under this category. They offer training for almost every type of motor vehicle. Florida Safety Council also offers motorcycle training in 13 different counties in the state of Florida including Lake, Orange, Seminole, & Osceola. The local company only has two reviews in Google at the time of this writing and they are not very descriptive. Yelp offers 1 review but it is for the companies DUI course. They do allow you to register online which is nice. To see their offerings visit their motorcycle page at

MotorcycleClasses.Org recommendation: Hold off until their is a little more track record for the quality of the motorcycle training courses. Unless you don’t mind being a test monkey and reporting for us.

Orange Osceola Safety Institute

OOSI for short. The company specializes in training for motorcycle riders which is a plus. The company does offer regular driver training, but it doesn’t seem to be what their focus is. The company has two locations. One in Kissimmee, FL. and the other in Tampa, FL. The company has a fair amount of reviews. 16 under their Google profile, but many of them look to be very coerced. It is rather unnatural for a company to have almost entirely 5 start reviews with the majority having exclamation points and using very branded testimonials. It is not a bad thing, but it does appear that OOSI has had a role in getting these reviews up (This statement is based off observation and should not be regarded as fact). The company did have a single troubling review that was a 1 start that seemed to speak about an instructor that was not interested in the class. Overall, at least they care about their reputation enough that they have double digit review on Yahoo & Google.

Motorcycle Classes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to get a motorcycle license? Will my insurance be cheaper if I take motorcycle classes?
I’ve been trying to get a motorcycle these days. They have tests for motorcycles at the dmv right? How long are motorcycle classes? Are they similar to driver’s ed for cars? and will my insurance rate go down if I take those classes?

It all depends on where you live and what the rules are there.

Here in California where I live, your insurance goes down only a little if you’ve taken the MSF class (Motorcycle Safety Foundation). My insurance company (Progressive) gives me a bigger discount for storing my bike in a locked garage.

But the DMV waives the riding test, which I hear is a real b*tch. There are two concentric circles painted on a parking lot, and you have to ride around in a circle between them, without touching the lines or putting your foot down. Most people don’t pass it the first time.

Keep in mind that half of all motorcycle accidents happen to riders with less than a year’s experience. So safety is your primary consideration in starting out. The MSF class gets you started with the right habits, so I think it’s money well spent.

The beginner class is one weekend. They provide the bikes, you just bring a helmet. (I think. They might provide those too.)

The written test for bikes is different than the one for cars. The car test is about ‘rules of the road’, and it’s pretty easy actually. The bike test is about safety, and if you didn’t study the pamphlet it’s very hard. I flunked it last time, but the lady looked up my record and said “You’re a good driver. You didn’t need to take the test.”

As I say, though, this is all California information. Might be different if you are one of the few people in the world who don’t live in California. 8^)

Is it possible take motorcycle classes in Atlanta and automatically receive motolicence?
I’m FL resident. Next few weeks I’ll be in Atlanta, GA. Is it possible take motorcycle classes in Atlanta and automatically receive motolicence?

Check with the states DMV. Some states will by-pass the road test portion IF you have successfully passed a ‘cerified’ MSF course.

Georgia residents must be at least 16 years old to apply for a Class M motorcycle license with the Department of Driver Services. All motor-driven vehicles (excluding tractors and mopeds) that are designed to operate on three wheels or less are considered motorcycles. Mopeds have a separate set of rules, specified below.Instruction permits are valid for six months, and you need only pass the written portion of the test to get one. This permit is not required before obtaining the Class M license, when the driving test will be given. These instructional permits carry the following restrictions:

Minimum age of 16, and parental consent if under 18
Daylight driving hours only
No passengers
No limited-access highways
Must use safety equipment required by law
You must furnish the motorcycle for the skills portion of the test, and it must pass a safety inspection before the skills exam will be given. You can study for the written portion of the test using the motorcycle manual available online or at your local driver’s license office.

A Class M license costs for a five-year license and for a 10-year license. If this is your first license, you’ll need to bring along the same documentation required for applying for a regular license when you apply.Safety Courses
The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program offers two motorcycle safety courses for drivers 16 years and older. Schedules are frequent and varied; check for a location near you.

The Basic Rider Course provides eight hours of classroom training and seven hours of hands-on driving training. Students are taught how to operate the motorcycle under safe conditions, how to maneuver in traffic, and how to handle emergencies. Parents or guardians of drivers under 18 must appear at the first class to sign permission forms or the student will not be allowed to participate.

Motorcycles will be provided for this class, and if you do not have a helmet, one will be provided also.

By successfully completing this course you qualify to waive the written and road tests given at the driver’s license office and will be issued a Class M endorsement on your license when you provide the necessary paperwork to the driver’s license office.

The cost of the Basic Rider Course is 0 for Georgia residents and 0 for nonresidents.

The Experienced Rider Course provides approximately five hours of classroom training and four hours of hands-on training. You must provide your own motorcycle and be licensed and insured to take this course.

The cost of the Experience Rider Course is 0 for Georgia residents and 0 for nonresidents.

Motorcycle Gear

The following gear is needed for both courses and must be worn at every riding session:

An approved helmet with eye protection (face shield, goggles, etc.)
Full-fingered gloves (preferably leather)
Over-the-ankle boots (high-top tennis shoes or athletic-style shoes are not allowed)
A long-sleeved shirt or jacket
Long pants (no holes and not torn)

Motorcycle classes?
Is the 15-hour basic riders course required for 18y+ drivers or only for minors?

I’m in Arizona.
njmotorcop…. I completely agree and I do plan on taking courses… especially because I live in Phoenix, which is renowned for its road rage and inconsiderate drivers.

I was just wondering if it was an actual requirement for the license.

Thank You.

It looks like the answer to your question is 16 or 15 years 7 months with a learners permit.

motorcycle classes?
are there any local training for motorcycles

LOCAL ? Sorry but i am not a mind reader !
Are you in London, Paris, Chicago, Mars, Jupiter, ect ?

Where to sign up for motorcycle racing classes?
I want to start taking motorcycle racing classes close to Orange County, CA. Where do I begin? How much does it cost? How long is the training and when do I actually get to ride on that track? Can I just ride on the track and not race without taking classes. I want to make this a new hobby and really eagered to get started.


Keith Code, good school